Style Queen Summer Girl Kate

Name: Fuschia Kate Sumner
Occupation: Actress
Hometown: London
Current: Los Angeles
Twitter: @fuschiakate
Astrological Sign: Aries

SQ: Based on the five Style Queen archetypes, is there one particular style that defines you?  How would you describe your style?
FKS: I’d say I’m a little bit of all of them, depending on my mood and where I am going that day. My style changes everyday but is always very much me.  

SQ: How do you incorporate jewelry into your life?
FKS: I don’t like to look too put together, so jewelry is the greatest way to break up an outfit. A bad ass ring, bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings can bring a bit of edge to a demure outfit.  Just like a delicate piece of jewelry can bring a bit of sophistication to a more edgy outfit. I always like to be wearing at least one piece of jewelry, usually a ring and almost always a necklace.  It’s like wearing a small piece of art, it represents the kind of person you are.

SQ: Is jewelry sentimental to you?
FKS: Definitely, I normally have one thing that someone has given to me that I love and I’ll wear it until it breaks, I then get it mended and retire it until it calls me back to it. I also have some precious jewelry from my parents that I only wear on special occasions which helps to give me the princess feeling you need when dressing up for a black tie event.

SQ: How important is jewelry to you based on your personal style?
FKS: Its very important, I love jewelry and I think it really shows people who you are.  In the daytime I like to dress comfortably, so adding some great pieces of jewelry to my outfits can really make jeans and a t-shirt look stylish and chic. 

SQ: Can you tell me your favorite pieces and w
hat would you wear them with?
FKS: I would wear the Black Fringe Necklace with black leather shorts that I just got from J Brand with a simple white t-shirt, either ballet flats or ankle booties. With a figure hugging black dress with a high neckline I would wear the Gold Beaded Bib Necklace, I love the way gold looks on black or with a white shirt, with a few buttons open at the top paired with a skirt and my YSL gold wedges. The Soaring Bird Ring looks good with everything! I’d wear the Zoe Ring with my long sleeved, floor length black Alexander Wang dress paired with the Red Carpet Earrings and very high heels. The Gold Speckled Wood Bangle  looks great with a pretty sun dress or my bright orange Rag & Bone jeans with a white t- shirt.